Independent Research For
Better, More Informed Decisions

Since 1997, one of Canada’s leading independent marketing researchers.

Leon Wahler Marketing Research Consultant Inc. is proud of its history of providing timely and innovative marketing research services to its clients throughout North America and Europe. Leon Wahler has both extensive experience and a strong educational background allowing him to be a leader in his field. He has his MBA from Concordia University and a B.Sc. from McGill University.

Leon Wahler Marketing Research Consultant Inc. offers a variety of services tailored to the client’s needs.

Learn how to allocate resources better

I offer a full range of both time-tested and innovative techniques and services.

Identify the triggers that turn browsers into buyers

I have conducted an extensive range of studies with a broad cross-section of research subjects.

Maximize customer satisfaction

In addition to hands on research he also offers workshops on Managing and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction.

We have clients throughout North America and Europe

Most of Leon’s clients are in health-care related fields, but I have also conducted research studies in a variety of other industries, including insurance, financial services, consumer packaged goods and consumer services.